CBP PQT Preclearance Queue Times

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) closely monitors the amount of time a passenger must wait prior to being inspected, commonly referred to as queue times at Preclearance airport locations. The data provided in this report will show the average time it takes for a passenger upon entry to the federal inspection area to reach the CBP Officer’s booth.

To assist travelers in planning their next flight, CBP is providing the public with historical queue time data that can be used to estimate possible queue times at Preclearance airport locations.

As you are planning your next flight, remember that CBP Preclearance airport queue times do not include any wait times prior to reaching the federal inspection area. Note that, at this time, data is only being collected for those Preclearance airports listed in the drop down list under ‘Select Airport’. We continue to expand to other Preclearance locations.

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Application Notes:
All queue times are reported in minutes and are for CBP processing only. Queue times do not include airline checks or airport security processing. Please plan accordingly as queue times can vary.

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